Allusion is a server infrastructure provider based in Ghent, Belgium. We invest in server infrastructure and projects with a societal purpose.

The Internet Computer

Allusion is an independent node provider for the Internet Computer — a blockchain based extension of the public internet.

What is a node?

Networks rely on servers to process and store data, this hardware is called a node. Industrial server hardware for the Internet Computer (IC) is run in top-level data centers to ensure maximal availability and the highest performance.

Call for developers

We want to support developers and entrepreneurs in creating impactful tools — check out our Developer Onboarding Package.

Developer Onboarding Package

For developers and startups that make use - or are planning to do so - of the Internet Computer, we provide resources and grants to get started. Terms apply.

Apply here

Data center infrastructure

We finance and manage server infrastructure — to scale future proof networks.

Project integration services

Are you interested in scaling your own network or want to discuss infrastructure opportunities, let's talk! We offer project integration services for networks similar to ours.

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